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Saucers Vs Pot Feet

What we recommend and have been doing now for MANY years,..... I apologize it's a bit long but needs to be explained properly. We still always have more than 2,000 or so saucers in stock but are slowly phasing them out. 

This is why...

 In Short a Saucer with the Pot itself actually in it, takes up approx 95 -98% of the space in the saucer, leaving  that skinny little border all the way round to hold "The Overflow" (if it's bigger than that, then it looks like a "Javelin in a Soccer Pitch"). That skinny border on average holds a max of about a teacup full of water...(not a lot?).

(Please Note.......If The Pot is going on Carpet or Tiles inside of a House? Now’s the time to go to the bottom of the sign).

Firstly not even Einstein could water a plant so accurately as to only have only a teacup or less of water left in the saucer, especially when you could be pouring in as much as 20 Liters of water based on the size of the Pot. If you have ever seen a plant in a big glass pot, water starts to run out of the Pot "well before the soil is properly wet thoroughly". So it's "A Lose-Lose" situation. 

Having now definitely Established, "We will be having Overflowing Saucers" regardless, here's what we do, from the beginning. Follow me on this.

Prior to putting in your potting mix (can't tell you how important it is to use a Good 100% Premium Organic Mix from a small company) you place your pot feet under your pot just back from the front edge of the pot (they should not be obviously noticeable). Then place a few pieces of shade cloth over the holes in the bottom of the pot from the inside, throw in some broken bricks/pots/rubble (abt 4ins or 100mm high, we give it away at work) on top of the shade cloth. Fill the pot up with potting mix.

Now, when you water instead of getting all the sand & sediment running out which brings the slaters etc and holds moisture which stains brick paving and rots decking , you'll get crystal clear water coming out due to shade cloth filter and proper drainage due to rubble. And due to the pot feet elevating the pot off the ground slightly it allows airflow, drying quickly, which means now there's No Staining of Brick Paving, Rotting of Decking, slaters etc etc. A small 420mm Saucer is $26.00. Four "Pot Feet" = $12.00 in total. 

What about if its for indoors you ask?.

"Pots and More's Indoor Solutions". 

Should your request for a Saucer be related to Carpet/ Indoor Tiles etc. 

My recommendation is to seal the hole in the base of the pot so no water leaks out.

A $14 moisture tester will take all the guesswork out watering etc. Which are available from Bunnings. With these things in place, I reckon you now have doubled the odds of having the best-looking plants in town.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and ensuring you end up with healthy plants and a beautiful garden.

Kind regards,

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